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Miracles of Hazrat Pir Sahib

      Hazrat Pir Sahib showed Thousands of miracles during his lifetime, which are reported as eyewitness accounts of by Pir sahib's friends.  Furthermore, there are Thousands of other miracles and signs witnessed privately by his followers.  Some selected signs and miracles are related here for  strengthening the faith of the readers.

    Miracle about Pir Sahib's Love for God and the Holy Prophet (saw)
Once a few Christian travelers arrived in Pir Sahib's area.  They had some mischief in mind. When they arrived at Pir Sahib's place, one of them asked, rather rudely, 'Oh magician! show us some trick.  Hazrat Pir Sahib, maintaining a slight smile, just ignored him and did not answer.  The questioner look around, feeling embraced from Pir Sahib's carefree action, yelled even louder, 'O.K. ask your magician god and prophet to show some tricks'. Suddenly Pir Sahib's face turned red eyes turned bloodshot.  With an angry voice Pir Sahib spoke, "first you made fun of me but I care not for that. But I would never accept any disrespect of my God and the Holy Prophet." Then Pir Sahib, while pointing his index finger at the culprit, said, "now taste the effects of you disrespect."  Right before everyone's eyes that man started to bleed from his eyes, nose and mouth, and died with making a sound.       His other traveling companions saw their friend's gruesome end and immediately accepted Islam.

Curing the sick - Miracle
A young patient, who was near death, was brought to Hazrat Pir Sahib.  A green puss was oozing from his mouth, hands were in convulsions, and eyes has turned backward.  All doctors and naturalists had declared that he can not be saved. Hazrat Pir Sahib look at him once and asked for a pen and paper form one of his followers. Pir Sahib wrote a Taweez and directed for it to be tied to the patients forehead.  Right before everyone's eyes, the  green puss stopped oozing out.  Hazrat Pir Sahib went into his quarters to offer prayers.  When he returned, he saw the patient sitting upright and asking for a drink.  Hazrat Pir Sahib directed one of his followers to prepare water with prayer and give it to the patient.  The follower prayed on some water and and the patient drank it quickly.  The patient was  immediately cured and get up and touched the feet of Pir Sahib and his follower.

Two miracles regarding infertility

Once a women appeared before Hazrat Pir Sahib and pleaded that her husband is about to divorce her.  Hazrat Pir Sahib inquired; why?  She stated that she has been married for Fifteen years but there are no children.  Hazrat Pir Sahib prayed on her back and  granted her a Taweez along with some prayers to recite.   He told her to go home and tell her husband, if he would  wait for six month there will be hope for children.  the woman and her husband returned to Pir Sahib after one year along with their twin sons.  The couple offered both children in Pir Sahib's following.

Once a Hindu queen had no children. Her children would die at infancy.  She sent for a Taweez from Hazrat Pir Sahib.  Pir Sahib sent some holy water and a Taweez.  The queen became pregnant the same month and successfully carried twins - a boy and a girl.  Both children remained healthy and grew up normally. When the queen was at her death bead, she confessed that she had secretly accepted Islam in her heart when she had become pregnant.  Upon hearing this her children accepted Islam as well, and the Queen was buried according to the Islamic tradition.

Miracle about Abundance of provisions (Rizq)
Once a man appeared before Hazrat Pir Sahib and stated that he had received a large inheritance but lost it all due to mistakes and bad habits and now he is completely penniless.  Pir Sahib directed the man to quit evil deeds and the man promised to do so.  Pir sahib ordered one of his followers to write a Taweez for him.  Within a few days of receiving the Taweez, this man received some unexpected monies through the courts from an old law suite.  The man used the money to start a business and the business flourished.  He offered a large sum to the poor at Pir Sahib's place.  People inquired that why Pir sahib did not personally granted the Taweez?  Pir sahib explained that since he had asked that man to quit bad habits, he asked someone else to write the Taweez because Pir Sahib did not like to give conditional Taweez.  Also, the  Taweez granted by Pir Sahib's followers carry the same effect..  

Miracle about riding someone of Black Magic
A handsome young man was presented before Pir Sahib.  The young man appeared very week, with difficulty in his walk and slurred talk. His relatives stated that such condition of the young man was due to a black magic spell by his enemies. Pir Sahib asked his followers to place the you young man, in his clothes, under the water tank at the mosque.  Pir Sahib added hid ablution water into the water tank and opened the faucet on the young man's head.  When the young man had fully drenched, Pir Sahib asked for the young man to places under the sun.  As the man dried under the sun, his senses started to return and the magic spell vanished.  Shortly, the young man appeared very fresh and he returned home all healthy.

Mircales about Jinns, devil and Ghosts.
Once a couple brought their daughter to Pir Sahib and and pleaded the she is possessed by ghosts and be freed.  They stated that the young girl had been under the spell since childhood and used to feel sudden fears.  But over time the attacks have gotten swear and now the Jins talk through her voice.  She was treated by many ghost busters to no avail.  And now it has reached a point that the girls injures herself during the often spells and presents a danger to herself and others.
Pir Sahib immediately prayed upon her and summoned the Jinns to appear and asked why they were possessing the young girl. The Jinns told that in fact they are possessing the soul of a dead evil witch and it is the witch who has control over the young girl.  Pir Summoned the soul of the witch. The witch related that the possession of the young girl was granted to her because of a magical success but she is willing to surrender the control if Pir Sahib would order so.  Pir Sahib immediately ordered the release of the young girl from the witch's control . All the Jinns, and the ghost released the young girl, apologized and ran away.  The young girl was never attacked again. 

Miracle about love, intimacy and caring:
A man of ordinary looks appeared before Pir Sahib and related that he has fallen in love with the most beautiful girl who is the daughter of the village's landlord.  But the girl shows no care for him.  Pir Sahib inquired whether there were any vulgar desires in his heart about the girl.  The man replied that he had no bad desires  and he only seeks true love from her.  Pir Sahib granted a Taweez without hesitation. God so made it so happen that the father of the girl injured himself so seriously during horseback riding that he could have died .  But at that time the young man got an opportunity to look after him.  The girls father was very pleased with the young man.  It also created affection in the girl's heart for the young man.  Later on the two got married with the approval of their parents.

Miracle about success in examinations
A man was busy caring for his old-aged mother and could not prepare well for his exams.  He requested Hazrat Pir sahib for a Ta'weez.  Hazrat Pir Sahib granted a Ta'weez and asked the man do wird (to repeat) the of Durood Shareef eleven hundred times every morning and evening until the results would be out.  The man pleaded that he does not have ample time for wird due to his caring for his mother.  Pir Sahib said; Allah enjoins us to give sadqa (charity) whenever we are looking for any relief.  Therefore, to be relieved of the wird obligation, he should make an offering at the Dargah Shareef for an amount equal to the value of Five
Tola* silver.  It was so done.  The day before the exams, Pir Sahib sent a message for the man to make sure that he must give some answer to every question on the test.  It so happened that when man sat for the test, he did not know the answer to even a single question.  The man wrote whatever he could think of and answered all questions in that manner.  He related the entire episode to Hazrat Pir Sahib.  Pir Sahib Said; don't worry, you will have a great success.  And God so willed that when the result came out, the man had passed the exam with 100% marks and he became a follower of Hazrat Pir Sahib.
* One Tola is is equal to 11.66 grams or .375 ounce.
Miracle about success in lawsuits
One landlord stated to Hazrat Pir Sahib that he is tied up in so many lawsuits that he no longer has any peace of mind and money is being wasted as well.  Pir Sahib granted a Ta'weez to him and advised to keep the Ta'weez in from of him during all the courtroom proceedings.  Also he should continuously repeat "Ya Hayee -o- Ya Qayoom" during that time.  Within two months, all lawsuits dissipated and he prevailed in all of them.





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